Cricket for Girls work with both schools and clubs to guide and support the delivery of a high quality girls cricket programme. 

We pride ourselves on providing a service that will ensure schools and clubs can deliver a sustainable programme by developing their students as both Cricketers and people.

Our goal is to create an environment that see's Cricket operate at the very heart of the Women's sporting culture, to become a vehicle that they can make their own.

Through a variety of resources and methods, we aim to dispel some of the preconceptions and misunderstandings that surround the game to create ultimately fun and empowering experiences for both Teachers and Pupils alike. 

To find out more about who we are and what we do, read below:

Training Teachers.

We aim to focus on facilitating teacher development through our Teacher CPD courses and Online Resources. We recognise that sometimes the accessibility and access into Cricket can be cut off by a lack of knowledge and understanding about the game, where it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming and obstructive barrier, a barrier which we aim to dismantle.

All content has been designed and written by our Founder and Head Coach, Lydia Greenway. 

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Inspiring Pupils.

Our second focus is to inspire pupils and students, by building an environment in which Cricket becomes one of the most accessible sports for Girls across a variety of demographics. Through taster sessions, masterclasses, school sports awards or camps in schools and clubs, we aim to ensure pupils continue to have the opportunity to be coached by high quality coaches within and outside of school to develop as both Cricketers and people alike.

Contact us at events@cricketforgirls.com to find out more or to arrange a visit from Cricket for Girls.


Lydia Greenway is the founder and head coach of Cricket for Girls. Lydia represented England 225 times across all three formats of the game, during a career spanning over 13 years. She helped England win two World Cups and five Ashes Series as well as being England’s Player of the Year and shortlisted for ICC World Player of the Year. Lydia has been coaching since she was 17 years old – working at all levels of the game from the grassroots level to some of the best players in the world.

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